An instrument is only able to show its real sound qualities when it is well tuned. Only a professional sound tuning can show the differences between the single tonalities. This is also a very important contribute to a musical training. A piano should be tuned twice a year. The perfect times: 4-6 weeks after the start respectively the end of the heating period.

Working in the recording studio

It is a special challenge to tune a grand piano for a CD-production. Absolute precision is necessary because all tunes become recorded. A very attractive task, which brings the piano technician as well as the instrument to their limits.

Concert service

A concert grand piano needs to be prepared and tuned for every concert. It is often necessary to respond to the individual needs of the pianist. It's possible to fit in the regulation, the intonation and even the character of the tuning to the artist. This is a very challenging and beautiful work, especially because of the concert experience after the work.